The right platform for your
online shop to accept debit,
credit cards and payment slips.

Have access to tools to increase you conversion, simple integration
and full time attendance with specialists.

Tailor made packages for your ecommerce

Your ecommerce

To online stores with or without a gateway

How it works?

The Integration with your online shop is simple and our support team will help you all the way through it.

How much?

Our fees are negotiated according to the profile of each client. This ensures they are flexible enough to fit into your budget.

I already have a gateway.
What now?

Migrate to one of our gateway collaborators, at our expense. We will assist you in the migration and in the integration with your online shop.

Pick the option that better suits your profile
Affiliation with Stone

If you already have a Stone gateway partner, affiliate yourself with us and send your transactions for us to process them.

Affiliation + Gateway

If you don’t have a gateway yet, Stone offers you a free one! In this option, you will have access to all tools to increase your sales and retain your client.

Affiliation + Gateway + Anti-fraud

In case you want a complete solution, Stone offers you the affiliation, the gateway, the reconciliation and anti-fraud, totally integrated.

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  • Pre-authorization

    With Stone, you have the option of separate the capture authorization that is pending until you confirm.

  • Personalized reports

    Visualize your operation and your financial transactions through full and personalized reports.

  • Signatures

    Execute signature plans and charge your client on a recurring and automatic basis.

  • Transparent Integration

    Your client remains on your website throughout the entire purchase process. No banners or redirections.

  • 1-click-buy

    Increase your conversion offering commodity to your most loyal clients.

  • Capacity

    Your system will never go offline because our platform supports up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Stone Dashboard

Full access and control required for your business

Track in real time all transactions in your POS.

  • Sales Statement
  • Received amounts statement
  • Future releases statement
  • Chargeback statement
  • Cancelling statement
  • Display per transaction or per day
  • Transaction details
  • Filters and full reports
  • Dedicated support
  • Adapted to your PC, tablet and smartphone.

Learn more

Personal and wise support At Stone, you talk to specialists and you talk to the agent by his name. No transfers and no runaround.

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Why Stone 8 reasons for you to send your transactions to us

Complete Solutions

Whatever your business is, we have a solution for your payments. The best tools in a single place.

Stable connection for your sales

Our products have been designed to support intense volumes and high transaction peaks.

Smart support

In Stone we are committed to offer you the most human and smart attendance.

Custom Service

Stone knows that each business is different from the other. That is why our solutions and fees are flexible and personalized.

Full Control

Our dashboard was designed for you to go straight to the information you need, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


For you to have a full view on the total cycle of your transactions, since it is capture until it is paid.

Increase your conversion rate

We have the best tools for e-commerce, that will increase your sales.

Easy integration

Do you want to start receiving card payments now? Great! Stone helps you in all stages.