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How to Access Stone’s Dashboard? How do I see my Schedule of Receivables? How do I see my Sales Statement?
In the Stone Dashboard, put the mouse on the menu “STATEMENTS” and click on “SALES STATEMENT”, that will show up in the sub menu. In this section, you will find all the completed sales. It is also possible to filter the desired period with the personalized filter.

On this Statement, even if the sale has multiple installments, you can see them consolidated in a single transaction, different from the Receivables Schedule, that will display each installment as a line on the table.
How do I update my registered information?


What is a chargeback? How do I know if I have a chargeback?


When can I anticipate? What is my antecipation fee?


How do I know the fees that have been agreed? How much is the rent of the POS? What is CVV and CVC2?