Stone is ready to take the payments market to places never seen before.

What is Stone?

Stone is a payments acquirer, licensed by Visa and Mastercard to accredit merchants, process and authorize credit card transactions under these and other card flags.

Our company was born with the sole purpose of making things differently, serve our customers with excellence and provide the best technologies and market innovations.

Stone is evolving everyday and though it is a young company, it has a robust and capable technology, capable of handling 10,000 transactions per second.

Stone is led by innovative professionals who are extremely experienced in the Brazilian payments industry. We have strong shareholders, staffed by experienced Brazilian minds, partnerships with prime banks and trust already conquered by large national clients.

Our team is composed by a great diversity of professionals, all thoroughly committed to the business outcome and service to our customers.

All our leaders are partners of the company, holding a serious level of commitment to you.

We are Brazilians and we will improve the payments industry of our country, that has been poorly served for years now. Count on us!

Become a Stone member and allow us to make life easier for your store, be it physical or virtual.

Team Stone

Who we are

Stone is held by strong shareholders of the market:

Our History

The credit and debit card payment market in Brazil was until 2010 a duopoly. Until then, only two companies were allowed and licensed to operate. From a new regulatory framework of the industry promoted by the Central Bank and a new law passed by the National Congress, the market truly opened up to welcome new acquirers and the exclusivity relations with the card flags were finally put to an end.

At this moment, a dream was born among a group of entrepreneurs who were active on the Brazilian payments industry already and had been quite successful. Two years later, Stone was founded and within months it had already the certifications of the Visa and Mastercard flags to act in the Brazilian market.

What we do

Stone is an entity licensed to process electronic payments nationwide, in the physical and in the virtual world.

Through various means of capture, we process the transaction made with credit cards and we guarantee the payment to the merchant. Moreover, we offer various services to increase sales of our customers and improve control of their receivables.

Our Values

  • Owner's spirit
  • Simplicity
  • Knowledge
  • Obsession with Results
  • Meritocracy
  • Frankness
  • Integrity
  • Succession
  • The Customer as a life mission
  • Quality
  • Zero Complacency